Thanks for viewing my website. My work stems from the late 70's
with my first 35mm as being a Mamaya Spotmatic but I soon
moved to the Canon line whose bodies I still maintain. B&W,
Kodachrome 25 & 64, Ektachrome and the numerous ASA's of
color film were my main shooting mediums along with general
darkroom experience.  The digital age brought me to a Nikon
4600 and then I finally returned back to the SLR family of the
Nikon D40. My plan is to go back and use my 35mm film bodies
for some specific projects yet to be determine.

My views and sense of photography:

I believe that everyone is an artist in their own way. I know
someone who is excellent in taking a piece of wood, turning it
down and creating a pen, bowl, lampshade or even a hat. I know
another who can pencil draw a subject so well it's worth
displaying. When it comes to photographers we convey our
personal outlook and view of the world in the form of
photography. While I know many amateur photographers, the
common thread we have is that we are all different in our views
of subject, shooting techniques and final display applications.

In general, my visual ideas lean towards without the use of flash
encompassing natural light. While a telephoto lens is part of my
armament, I seem to live in a wide to standard focal length range
forcing me to get close to the subject, filling in the viewfinder.
Since the sun plays an important role of my outdoor shootings, I
am cognizant of a subject's change from sunrise, mid day and
the ever emissions of the waning sun as it moves toward dusk.
It's the collision of two or more subjects and angles sometimes
unrelated that attracts me to attempting a worthy shot. While a
lot of my work is of nature, it is also of man-made or both in the
same shot. I consider my techniques from the old school of
photography, operating in a manual camera mode and using the
"rule of thirds" where it was all about the camera and the work
up front rather than the alterations of the darkroom back then or
the computer programs of today.

The following pages I feel give a good representation of my work
and reasons to pick up the camera in the first place. Special
thanks to Danny Vanasse who pushed me to join the world of
displaying my work, to JT for his writing expertise and to Andy for
his support, paparazzi photos and input.  
Crystal Cascades - NH
Photo credit - G. Bonin
Valley of Fire - NV
Photo credit - Andy Michimi