Looking back I am thankful to be part of a time when each shot seemed more precious than it is today. A
roll of 24 or 36, was finite and depending on your camera and the film itself, it was a treat to end up with
38 shots out of a 36 roll! A recent project of mine lead me to review about 1600 35mm slides with the
anticipation to preserve by digitizing some family photos as well as some of my better work.  The years
have weighed heavily on this medium with fading of Ektachrome especially from the actual developing  I
had performed. I also used Kodaks Kodachrome with its special process by professionals. These slides
still retains their crisp look even some of 25 years.

The below photos go back quite some time. After reviewing this personal work, I can see how I found my
way and evolved to where I am today. Something I noticed,  my earlier work was always in a "landscape"
setting or meaning a more left to right format than "portrait" one which is up and down. Special thanks to
Lisa Charron-Megapixels who digitized the below work.
When film was the norm
September 1983 Maine and Nova Scotia trip
35mm Slides
Skyway looking down - Disneyworld FL - circa 1977 -
Mamaya Spotmatic.  Perhaps one of my first artistic shots.
Ektachrome self developing.   
Spokes and wheels - 1982 - Canon AE1. For awhile,
I got into active shots with high shutter speeds but I
can see how I was truly  drawn to the times in
between the action. Ektachrome
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia -1983 - Canon AE1- Kodachrome
Rough sailing weather -1985 - Canon AE1 - Ektachrome
It wasn't until I started reviewing my work chronologically, did I see that
somewhere around this time I had changed the way I composed shots in
the viewfinder. This was the start of work then that has led me to my work
of today.
Maine Sunset - 1983 - Canon AE1 Experimentation
with exposure and silhouetting. Ektachrome
St. Maarten - 1988 - Canon AE1. It was this shot that proved
I should carry certain filters at all times. Kodachrome
Allagash sunrise - Maine -1987 - Canon AE1
Early mornings were new to me then.
Abandoned locomotives - Allagash region - Maine -1987
Photo of me 1986, age 25 with Tasha.
Photo credit - B. Thompson
Canon's A-1,FT-QL and AE1 bodies with 135mm fixed, 35-105mm
zoom and 50mm lenses accompanied me along the way