Colorado Springs
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About 70 miles to the south of Denver is a definite must
see area that includes natural geological formations, a
famous chapel and a ride to 14,000+ feet.  
Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel
A distinguishing feature of the beautiful
grounds stand
out strongly as classic
modernist architecture. Designed by Walter
Netsch- Architect 1962
Being built circa 1962.
(photo credit-

Unfortunately the day I was there the chapel was
closed for a private event. Below the beauty of
the inside ! (photo credit-
Garden of the Gods
Sandstone & Limestone once laying horizontal
was tilted vertically by the uplift of the Rocky
More on Pikes Peak Cog Railway
It all started in 1889,  through the years different
owners and newer desi
gns to cog engines and
passenger cars. Todays design comes from the
reputable Swiss and using GE engines.
The trip has a maximum incline of 68% and ends at
14,115'. Autos can greet you too but the cog is the
nostalgic way to do it !
Pikes Peak Cog Railway