Sunshine Bridge Subject Leaves -Nikon 4600

I flew into Tampa then traveled to Bradenton to visit my mother. The
Sunshine bridge was replaced in the 70's and the approaches of the old
bridge have become a fishing pier. This is where I saw a sudden
opportunity of nature and man-made structure coexisting together. The
Subject-a crane (from the Home page) was walking the wall from left to right
so I waited for the opportune moment when it crossed the 90 degree
portion of the wall. Just then a powerboat came into the scene and while
that would have been a welcoming part, but not my photo intention! Had I
had more time I would have changed my angle to hide the boat behind the
crane's body. The best I could do was to wait and try to hide the boat
behind the crane as best I could. Many at first don't see it but if you go
back to the home page and look carefully the powerboat is there! This is a
perfect example of an artist's quest for the perfect shot which to their point
of view cannot be achieved!     Thanks to whoever you were who offered to
take my picture with Subject.
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