Think out of the Box    Get on the Ground
It's too easy to take a photo standing upright. While this might look like a good shot,  in many cases
the angle is boring and many others have done the exact same thing. It only states "I was here". How
many shots of the Grand Canyon at that same tourist vantage point does man need?   By getting on
the ground, leaning over the rail or getting really up close changes the perspective of images we
know. Thanks to my friend Andy who found my attempts amusing and archived it. I hope some of you
try this. Get wet, get dirty!   
A view from the water!
Mile Marker 37- Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys -2011 - Nikon D40
Good shot
Better shot  
Watch for rattlesnakes
Badlands-South Dakota- 2010- Nikon D40
Don't ask....the artistic idea was better than the result!