During the day, the sun's emission of light varies in
intensity right down to the beautiful yellows and reds as
it sets. The same subject's overall look and reflection
also varies in intensity during this time as well. It is all
about being at the right place at the right time.
Greg at 4:30pm - Newport RI-Nikon 4600  In many
cases, the subject is unaware from their
perspective at how the light spectrum presents itself.
Andy - Florida,2009 - Nikon D40
Dale LePage & the Manhattans plays away in
Boylston Massachusetts  

Yellow on Yellow - Florida - suns glow against same
color wardrobe is truly surrendering.   
Singer Karen Greenley
Times Square Daze-
This illuminated Americanism
continues to mesmerize.
Nikon D40

Unknown foreign visitors
Pequot Museum - Connecticut - Nikon D40.  A great life size model of a hewn canoe that deserves the merit of a
complete shot of its own. However, I am enamored at the extensive work of separate parts that make the whole
subject come alive. I tend to remove the visual noise at times challenging our focus to the details.
Fruitlands Museum-Harvard, MA  offers
a mixed array of Shaker, American and
in this case Native American arts.
Top - Pumunangwet (he who shoots the
stars) Right-  Wo-peen (the dreamer)
Sculptor, Phillip K. Sears.   Nikon D40
Persons & Likeness
Without A Roof
.......in almost any city with little try to stumble onto, this alternate lifestyle impresses me.  
Who they were is a mystery.
Oahu Hawaii. On the main drag in Waikiki. A good place to be.
Omaha Nebraska
Nashville Tennessee -
A previous setting on the camera was
not right for this shot or meaning my
intention failed but you get the jist.
Friend Andy surrenders his leftovers to
a thankful someone more in need.  
And sometimes a flash truly freezes the action.
Michael & Wibke-Malta
JT having a little fun in NYC-Times Square, never a bore
.....at a NYC ATM atrium. For whatever reason he is there the
oxymoronic sign above caught my eye.
Sneakers and Wheels .......in Seattle I noted that standard roll away
luggage many of us use to travel to our selfish destinations is used. I
surmised that permanently borrowed grocery carts are much harder
to push up and hold back on this cities steep to the oceanfront  hills.
Very ingenious. I bet the same exists in San Francisco. The right
hand photo, she caught me and was compensated.
Their There
Chicago Triptych
After giving him some money on the way we collide again at the
same coffee shop. But he cannot relax on this Friday morning like
the rest of us who have arrived in our destiny can. He buys a coffee
and with given cardboard and borrowed marker his day starts. He is
literate and contemplates his writing. The situation is written down
and off he goes. Later I found him in the more ritzy area of Michigan
Avenue. I decided to let it go Scott... but I could see more of the
story if I wanted to pry.
Those that Warble