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Skater Abstract- patrons enjoy some time sharpening their steel on ice skills.
1000 Gauchetiere building complex below is part of Montreal's continuing and
connecting subterranean "Undergound"  now approaching 20 miles in length.
The Illumination Crowd-(small segment) Polyester resins of people as viewed
by artist Raymond Mason-1985'
Similar to Boston's "T"- the Metro uses famous colors to orient and move
passengers throughout the city..but pneumatic tires and an all underground
system spells out a makes sense approach to their cold and snowy winters.
1976 Summer Olympic remnants

Olympic Village was twin structures designed by
Rene Lepine. Its concrete mass was built to house
the athletes. Now they are sought after by others
for apartment living.

Olympic Stadium Tower as seen from the Montreal
Botanical Gardens- The leaning design
incorporates cabling to remove the domed roof of
the stadium below which continues with music and
sports related venues.
Desjardins Complex fountain mesmerizing a few.
Another "Underground" display.
Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal