New Hampshire
Lupines Abound- Franconia Notch was in bloom.      NikonD40
Autos ascend the 2000' pass
through Crawford  Notch.
Mount Washington and its hotel- Crawford  Nikon4600
Canon Mountain ski and tram- Franconia   
Have you ever seen a more cooler
warning?  Tuckerman Ravine. Adjacent to
Mount Washington.  Nikon4600
A Frozen Winter in New England 2015'
Black&White series- Portsmouth, NH.
Downtown visitors share single file sidewalks that
are at most modestly maintained. Commercial
Alley invites its warmth to come in away from the
mounds of frozen water. An escape to dine at the
Gas Light Grill...reflection, light, a lagging shutter
speed with unrehearsed waiter and patron collide
in a positively still but moving dining plate creates
something ghostly, one of a kind. All to my right
at the bar without asking for any of it!