Omaha Nebraska

Omaha is a wonderful long weekend location with the need to
return again! Omaha offers so much in the arts, zoo and
botanical gardens of interest. Downtown is minutes away from
the airport with a great selection of hotels on the way.    

For starters, the ending after a long day for drinks and dining
is the Old Market district. Elder cities need to gentrify an area
to bring back life to its downtown. Omaha has done this well
with eating and shopping establishments in a compact easy to
wander area. Brick cobblestones line the roads of this unique
mid western sect. Recent additions are the Qwest Convention
center and a pedestrian bridge spanning Nebraska and Iowa
across the Missouri. There is so much to do spring, summer
and fall.

The Henry Doorly Zoo is rated one of our nation's top ten.
Beside great walking, it boasts an Imax theatre, spheres of
rain forests, deserts and nocturnal compounds. Additionally,
an aquarium, butterfly and insect exhibits equate to a full day
of enjoyment.

Laurizten Botanical Gardens- this young botanical garden has
so many meandering paths that you cannot see it in one visit.
If you are into this type of exhibition botany then you'll be sure
to see it age with a few visits.

Both the Joslyn Art and Durham Museums offer more to do
with many surprises. The Joslyn is Nebraska's largest museum
with its main focus on 19th and 20th century European and
American arts. A must see with such beautiful common spaces
calling to take photos. The Durham Museum explores the
history of this area which leans towards its eastern beginning
point of the Trans Continental railroad. Both Omaha and its
Iowa neighbor, Council Bluffs, played such an important role
into the gateway to the west and California....not an easy feat
once you understand the logistics of it all!

A 30 minute drive to the west on famous Rt 80 gets you to the
Strategic Air Museum which is a huge hangar with attached
buildings housing WW II and Cold War aircraft. The struggle to
save and restore these almost 70 year old flying machines is
evident. This is a great escape away from Omaha with
massive farms dotting the rolling hillsides as you drive.
Omaha's Old Market District
Henry Doorly Zoo
rain forest, desert
biospheres and
Lauritzen Botanical Gardens
meandering Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
Patrons enjoy some downtime at colorful Saki Bomber Lounge