The Country of Vermont
American Express.. leave it at home!
Woodstock downtown
The quintessential town of Brandon
You know what I like about you Vermont? Ya do your own things! You remind me of living in the other 5 New
England states that you don't care about me in a sobering way! In a state where I live, areas where passing
a car is dangerous are posted  'Do Not Pass".... You advise only the dangers of thinking so!  My American
Express so pompously doled out by me twice is plain old not taken in a nonchalant way as to remind me of
my meager existence... I need that. I need that as much as the liquor store that only takes cash...thank you
in truly a good way as an escape from the world I only know too bad!
Children, young adults, their parents .. and me enjoy the
85F summer day accepting the dangers of Dorset's quarry.
Ahh.. just go have fun is what they are saying!
The View- from Tall Timbers cabin, Half Moon State Park
Many artistic ways to
display a mailbox. Hey, it
snows heavily here!
A Hyde Manor Church
Wow. The same place but the scene across from the jumpers in winter.
Quarry Jumpers